The advantages of artificial turf in your yard are many: no more watering, no more weeding, no more fertilizing, no more .... and the list goes on.

Let's look at the reasons why you may not want to replace your grass yard with artificial turf.

  • You enjoy mowing the lawn.
  • You don't mind lowering the Prescott Valley aquifer water level
  • You don't mind replacing sprinkler heads
  • You enjoy spreading fertilizer
  • You get a big bang out of weeding.
  • You think the brown yard looks great in the winter time
  • You think the scorched yard looks great in the summer time.

On the other hand, maybe now is a good time to get a quick estmate on how little time and money it would take to eliminate all those problems with one easy solution--install some artificial turf.

Our artificial turf is made to our order using top-of-the-line materials and manufacturing techniques. We guarantee our work and products.

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