Water Erosion: Negatively effects Prescott Land Values

A study concerning deforestation, erosion, and the effect on the five main lakes in the Prescott area and value of surrounding properties was published in 2014. (See here)They estimated the role of forest cover in regulating sediment loadings into each of the five urban lakes around Prescott, AZ. Next,using 8301 single-family residential property teansactions that occurred between 2002 and 2005, they derived residents' willingness to pay for sediment reduction in the lakes. Understandably, this varies lake-by-lake depending on the accessibility of affected lakes, the number and value of affected residential properties among other factors.
The five lakes are:
Granite Basin LakeGranite Basin Lake
Willow Lake Park in Prescott ArizonaWillow Lake Park in Prescott Arizona (copyright City of Prescott)
Watson Lake near Prescott Arizona
goldwater-lakeGoldwater Lake near Prescott Arizona (copyright City of Prescott)
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Since these lakes are at higher elevation than most residents in Prescott and the surrounding areas and thus most erosion below them does not effect the properties, it is interesting to know that the results of erosion can be estimated on properties not directly effected by the erosion. 
Many of Adrian's Landscaping clients' properties are located on hilly areas or in areas where localized flooding can occur in the Arizona monsoon season.
For this reason, many have had Adrian provide landscaping improvements that help prevent erosion from occuring by directing the water in areas where erosion will not occur or by channeling it over landscape structures that do not lend themselves to erosion.
You can view some of Adrian's erosion prevention projects in the photos below:
Steep Front...
Steep Frontyard Erosion Management Steep Frontyard Erosion Management
Frontyard E...
Frontyard Erosion Management Frontyard Erosion Management
Steep Front...
Steep Frontyard Erosion Management Steep Frontyard Erosion Management
Backyard Er...
Backyard Erosion Management Backyard Erosion Management